2023 DNS Security Report

The Intersection of Domain-Based Threats and Threat Intelligence

The second-ever edition of the DNSFilter Annual Security Report is now available. Written by the threat intelligence team at DNSFilter, we investigate the impact that real-world trends had on domain traffic and cybersecurity as a whole.

While there was no marquee cybersecurity event in 2022 (in contrast to years’ past), threats continuously made the headlines. And certain industries were harder hit, or exposed as larger targets, than others. Healthcare is just one industry that experienced a large surge of malicious activity in 2022, and the same can be said for cryptocurrency. We examine the threats that impacted both of these industries in our 2023 Annual Security Report.

What else do we explore in this report?

  • The threat categories that plagued us most in 2022
  • Malicious domains by ccTLDs
  • Domain traffic related to the war in Ukraine
  • A review of last year’s cybersecurity predictions
  • Cybersecurity projections for 2023 and beyond

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