Cybersecurity Readiness: Imperative in 2023

Cybersecurity isn’t a bandage—security should be tightly interwoven into business operations to enable growth, change, and resilience.

Many are pursuing that vision; organizations and security leaders alike. But it’s no small task to achieve—especially when businesses undergo large-scale changes to adapt to uncertain markets and rising regulations.

Enjoy hearing from Cobalt’s CISO, Andrew Obadiaru, and DNSFilter’s Principal Security Researcher, Peter Lowe, on demand in Cybersecurity Readiness: Imperative in 2023.

Learn about:

  • Predictions for cybersecurity in 2023 and how to prepare
  • 2023 compliance standards
  • Defending against 2023’s biggest threats
  • Connecting security to all aspects of your business
  • And more!

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