Maximize DNSFilter with Scheduled Reports & Universal Lists

Highly requested, long awaited....

Scheduled Reports and Universal Block/Allow Lists have been very popular feature requests for quite some time. We're happy to announce their promotion from Canny votes to actual DNSFilter features!

We understand the importance of quantifying and understanding the amount (and types) of threats your organization is protected against—and now you can with DNSFilter. Additionally, we know you need flexibility in your policy management and content filtering, so we're also introducing Universal Block/Allow lists.

DNSFilter's Steve Staden (Sr. Director of Product Management), Mikey Pruitt (MSP Evangelist), Carl Levine (Sales Engineer), and Reis Barnfield (Product Marketing Manager), are discussing the details in Brand New! Maximize DNSFilter with Scheduled Reports & Universal Lists.

They cover:

  • DNSFilter configuration best practices
  • The measurable value your organization will realize from reporting features
  • How to schedule multiple reports, including for your own customers
  • How to take reporting to the next level for your organization
  • Ways to participate in future DNSFilter beta programs
  • And more!

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