Value of a Secure Organization

What is the value of a secure organization for your company? For us, the limit does not exist. Keep your team, information, and organization secure from cybersecurity threats learning from leading experts in the industry. 

Learn how you can take your organization's DNS protection to new heights from our on-demand webinar. Our experts teach you how to go beyond the baseline best practices, and build more to achieving a higher level of security - and peace of mind. 

Learn from DNSFilter's cybersecurity expert and partner alliance manager, Dominickus Wells as he is joined by Marc Rubinaccio, Senior Compliance Office with Secureframe as they discuss: Value of a Secure Organization: Going Beyond Baseline Best Practices. Learn about:

  • The true cost of a cyberattack for SMBs
  • How to leverage cybersecurity as a sales tool
  • Going beyond compliance requirements (and why you should)
  • How to build a culture of security within your organization
  • Why MSPs should be monitoring data security compliance
  • And much more!

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