How to Get Visibility into Your Network Traffic: Intro to Protective DNS

An unsecured DNS layer leaves your organization vulnerable to an increasing number of threats. However, an undersecured DNS layer might leave your organization even more vulnerable due to a false sense of security.
Join us to learn more about protective DNS and ensuring your organization’s DNS layer is secure in How to get Visibility Into Your Network Traffic: Intro to Protective DNS. DNSFilter’s Steve Staden, Mikey Pruitt, Richie Wade, and Nick Saunders will be presenting on:
  • What protective DNS is and where we see it going
  • How to use DNSFilter’s dashboard to customize your organization’s security via DNS
  • An in-depth walk through of our reporting options
  • How to quickly surface threat domains, block tlds, and investigate security incidents
  • Ways that real customers are using DNSFilter to help secure their organizations
  • And much more!